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GLAM ADELAIDE | in the media

Henley Beach-based lifestyle and beachwear label henley general has unveiled its latest Winter Fleece Range, marking the occasion with a spirited photo shoot at the recently opened Luma Café. This marks a vibrant celebration encapsulated by the relaxed coastal vibes of the Western Suburbs.

The entrepreneurial duo behind henley general, Zen and Matty Mammone, launched the brand in 2022. Drawing inspiration from the picturesque seaside at Henley Beach, South Australia, they created a diverse product line. This includes SA-designed apparel for women, men, and children, alongside a variety of accessories such as beach bags and uniquely crafted Turkish cotton beach towels.

The fledgling label has quickly garnered a following, including SAFM’s Rebecca Morse and netball star and commentator Em Beaton.

The journey of henley general is deeply intertwined with the family ethos of its founders. Both Zen and Matty are not only business partners but also avid adventurers who draw inspiration from their active lifestyle and the scenic beauty of Henley Beach. Their experiences and outdoor pursuits, including training for the Gold Coast Marathon and participating in triathlons, reflect their commitment to a dynamic and healthy lifestyle.

The venture began as a small operation in their living room, with Zen leveraging her marketing background and Matty applying his engineering expertise to create apparel that transitions seamlessly from leisure to social engagements.

As henley general continues to evolve, it remains focused on celebrating the essence of beach life through high-quality, stylish, and comfortable clothing.

To check out the range, head to, or follow their updates on Instagram at henley_general.

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